Possible Topics for Research  

The following topics can serve as a food for thought: 

  • Is truthfulness livable?
  • Celibacy as a way of life
  • Confession and penance
  • Conversion as a concept of living
  • How much of the Bible do Theological Ethics need?
  • Modern reception of natural law
  • Manuals of the neo-scholastic period (knowledge of Latin required)
  • Critical discussions around the concept of autonomous morality
  • The relevance of empirical data for Theological Ethics
  • Social competence - ethical competence. Defining their relationship (DISS)
  • Individual acts and Christian norms in the work of Antoninus of Florence (knowledge of Latin required)
  • Confirming conscience - forming conscience? A comparison of concepts of educating conscience
  • Find truth – or single it out? Semantic investigations on interpersonal conversation
  • The importance of faith in the ethics of Marsilius of Inghen (knowledge of Latin required)
  • Life quality of people with disabilities (empirical methods required)
  • The understanding of patient autonomy in different medical fields