Theological-Ethical Foundation

The field of theological-ethical foundation covers all the areas of ethics that are not yet associated with a specific normative area.

Fundamental questions of ethics concern both the abilities of man that are fundamental for acting (reason, will, freedom, sensuality, and other basic biological-natural conditions) and the formative contents and values that guide man’s moral action and aspirations (happiness, friendship, perfection, enjoyment, love, life assurance, meaning, faith, tradition, social standards and existing rules, etc.).

This area also includes the questions about standards and systems, e.g., elaborated ethical systems, such as virtue ethics or forms of utilitarianism. 


Currently the following research topics are being worked on:

  • Von der Nachsicht zur Umsicht. Eine bibeltheologische Revision der Epikie unter semiotischer Perspektive.
    Bearbeitung: Alexander Gaderer