Between Creativity and Norm-Making
Tensions in the Modern Early Era

Sigrid Müller, Cornelia Schweiger (Hg.)

1. Auflage 2012
302 Seiten, Gebundene Ausgabe
ISBN-13: 978-9004240681
Verlag: Brill Academic Pub
Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions Vol. 165

The time of the transition from the Middle Ages to the onset of early modernity (c. 1400-1550) is a very complex one. It brought what on first sight appear to be contradictory developments. Human creativity and freedom became much more important; yet, at the same time, the foundations were laid for systems that allowed control to be exercised over virtually every aspect of human social life. How can we put these two phenomena together? Which tendency is the stronger one? The contributions in this volume focus on the tension between creativity and norm-making from the perspective of different academic disciplines, so as to shed light on this fascinating period in our history.